Gourmet Almond Macaroons 1lb. Tub

Leaves Bakery Within 24 hours

Almond Macaroons 

Almond macaroons are smooth golden brown and slightly crisp outside, and moist and chewy inside. 

These are the best almond macaroons you will ever taste!

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Approximately 42 almond macaroons in a pound.

Macaroons make the best gifts!


Our almond macaroons are:





Free of trans-fats



Written by Debi on 9th Dec 2022

A real treat and well worth the price when you can indulge in these delicious treats without having to mix or bake or clean up a thing


Written by Anthony Rutledge on 20th Jun 2022

I bought these for my father on Father's Day. My mom and dad really enjoyed them. I'm going to get me a tub next! ;-)

So fast and easy to work with!

Written by Gina on 7th May 2022

These guys are great. Shipping is super fast. I order them for Mother’s Day every year and mom loves them!

The Best!

Written by Annette on 1st Feb 2022

Upon visiting the south of France I came across a bakery that sold delicious Basque macaroons. I was so happy to find a very similar recipe here. This is my third order.

Almond Macaroons

Written by Irene Hewlett on 31st May 2021

I love these macaroons! Super fast shipping. I moved rom the Jersey Shore 1 year ago this month. And I miss all the goodies only NJ can make. They taste so good , will be back for more. Nice container too.

Almond macaroons

Written by Diane Stoveken on 26th Mar 2021

We love these almond macaroons! They arrive quickly and leave just as quick! My grandfather introduced them to me when i stayed with him in avon... now my family loves them too! Just call them a family tradition.

Almond and coconut macaroons

Written by Laura on 17th Jan 2021

Fresh and delicious, the BEST!

A Favorite Gift

Written by Lizz on 29th Nov 2020

I often give the almond macaroons as gifts - so easy: Click, click, and the tub arrives a couple days later to the lucky recipient. While some people freeze them to eat a few at a time, my family and friends are happy to enjoy the amazing fresh macaroons any time I send them . I especially like ordering these during 2020 because I am supporting a small business with no contact shopping. Always a favorite gift.

Almond Macaroons

Written by Stephen G on 27th Aug 2020

The Almond Macaroons are wonderful, great taste and texture. The customer service is excellent!


Written by Nicole on 15th May 2020

Divine divine divine divine divine

Almond macaroons

Written by Steven on 2nd May 2020


Almond Macaroons

Written by Diane Stoveken on 2nd Sep 2019

When I was a little girl my pop pop took me to your shop and bought me macaroons . They have always been my favorite! My dad took over after my pop pop died . He had a hard time getting out of your store ...he had a sweet tooth and wanted at least one of everything! I am so glad you can send the macaroons and they are just like I remember! I am a happy camper! Congratulations on your stores long life. I will be back!