History of the Macaroon

History of Macaroons

"Almonds ground into a paste, mixed with honey and baked" is a recipe for a sweet treat from ancient civilizations and cultures around the world. The difference between macaroons and cookies is that real macaroons don't contain flour, like cookies do. The word "macaroon" has its root in the Italian word "macarone" which means ground almond paste. Going back further, the Greek root word is "makakis", which means "blessed food".

Italy and France played a large role in popularizing the macaroon, and the love of this sweet treat spread across Europe. New ways of preparing macaroons evolved.  Macaroons were made with coconut. The Swiss covered them with fine chocolate. Macaroons have had a rich tradition of satisfying people with their goodness and natural ingredients for thousands of years.

Since 1930, The Macaroon Shop has used a one-of-a-kind Swiss macaroon recipe for our coconut macaroons. The Macaroon Shop also uses a very special gourmet French-Italian recipe for our almond macaroons.

Our macaroons are perfect for all occasions and make great gifts. You will be pleasantly surprised at the compliments you'll receive if you serve them at home, take them to a special event, or send them as a gift. People can't stop talking about them and can't stop eating them! We know you will have the best macaroon taste experience you've ever had, guaranteed.