Chocolate Covered Coconut Macaroons 1lb Tub

Leaves Bakery Within 24 hours

Gourmet Chocolate-Covered Coconut Macaroons

We cover our golden, delicious all-natural coconut macaroons with fine-quality gourmet chocolate.

Approximately 18 chocolate-covered coconut macaroons to a pound.

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Our macaroons are freezer-friendly, and they will keep their fresh taste & texture while going in and out of your freezer.

They'll be there when you need them, for yourself and for your guests!

Our chocolate-covered coconut macaroons are:

  • Gluten-free
  • Wheat-free
  • Free of trans-fats

Chocolate Macaroon

Written by DebbyQ on 21st Apr 2023


Fun to get and fun to give!

Written by Laurel on 5th Jun 2021

Rich sweet chocolate treat for any time of year, especially appreciated at Passover. Freeze well and stay moist. In a word -- YUM!!!


Written by Darrell on 19th Dec 2020

Macaroons make great gifts! They ship well and are appreciated by those who have moved from the area and like a little taste of home!

Love them!

Written by Mary Lou on 21st Jul 2019

Have been going to the macaroons shop for over 11 years! We love the macaroons and the pastries too! It’s a tradition to bring our grandkids for a special treat. Great to ship as gifts too!

Love them!

Written by Mary Lou Cilli on 21st Jul 2019

We have been going to The Macaroon Shop for over 11 years! We love the macaroons and we love to give them as gifts too. Frequently walk over on sundays for the pastries too, love the blueberry scones! In the summer we bring our grandkids for a special treat!

Better than Almond Joy!

Written by Candy Princess on 22nd May 2018

The chocolate is so rich and delicious and the coconut is perfectly chewy and soft. The best macaroons!

The best!

Written by Jean on 3rd May 2017

Sent them to my friend for her birthday. She loved them.

Delicious traditional coconut macaroons.

Written by Michelle Goldman on 27th Apr 2016

So glad I found the Macaroon Shop last year! The entire family loves them.

A new Passover favorite!

Written by Michelle on 9th Apr 2015

Our local go-to spot for Passover macaroons was a bust. At the last minute I ordered a tub of chocolate macaroons from The Macaroon Shop. They arrived within 24 hours, in time for dessert, and they were delicious! Despite having many other desserts, not a single macaroon was left over. This is a new Passover favorite in our household.


Written by undefined on 17th Dec 2014

The chocolate macaroons are the best you can get! Love them!!!

Great Everytime

Written by undefined on 25th Jul 2014

These are the best Macaroons in the world. We can't always get to your store, but I am glad you ship! It makes me feel at home.

No contest

Written by Jean Denton on 6th May 2014

Anyone who receives these delicious cookies love them. Easy option for gift giving. Thanks for always taking care of this for me. When I'm in town, I usually am tempted to go and get some for myself - probably too often!!